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Vinayak Plaza, Shop no -2, 3, 4, Pal Arcade, Opp, Jharsa Rd, Sector 15, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

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Health Packages

  • Highly Skilled Gold Medalist Radiologist
  • Qualified female radiologists round the clock.
  • Friendly Reception Staff with fast billing services and codes.
  • Trained Female Technical Staff
  • Reasonable rates with Quality Reporting
  • Fast reports.
  • Report discussion with Doctors.
  • Pick and Drop Services on request.
  • In a safe clean and Hygienic environment including washrooms
  • Radiation proof protection with lead walls as per guidelines.
  • Low radiation X-ray and CT Scan Machines to minimize patient exposure.
  • Wheel chair accessible
  • Easy Location and access.
  • 24 7 home collection services

With a long term vision of opening multiple setups in India to provide best customer satisfaction with best medical accumen so that once the patient gets the report , he / she do not have to get same test done from another center/ hospital. We have done and are presently doing extra investigations free of cost of many non affrording patients where one modality diagnosis is not possible and they do not have the paying capacity to get the higher investigation done, just to reduce the patient diagnosis time and get effective treatment immediately.

Our Gurgaon sector 15 diagnostic facility machines:

  • USG Room 1: WIPRO GE Voluson E8 BT19 USG machine (costing more than half a Crore INR) made in Austria, Europe has been installed at our center in August 2019. (First installation in NCR). The machines has inbuilt artificial intelligence with excellent resolution and latest multi dimesional software capabilities (3D, 4D & 5D).
  • USG Room 2: WIPRO GE Voluson S8 BT16 (costing just less than half of crore INR) with all Multi dimensional software capabilities (3D, 4D).
  • WIPRO GE Brand New 16 Slice Multi detector (low radiation 2 MHU tube) Scanner with automatic injector, ADW 4.7 (latest post processing software). We use US-FDA approved oral and intra venous contrast omnipaque from Wipro GE.
  • X-ray: Wipro GE400 low radiation generator with FUJI CR system. All x-rays are taken by experienced technicians and proper instructions to the patients.
  • Wipro GE ECG Machine (MAC2000): latest ECG machine with 12 lead system and accurate reading.
  • Mammography (Both breast x ray for cancer detection).
  • OPG (360 Degree dental X-ray).
  • EEG 32 MAXIMUS (32 Channel EEG Machine).
  • PFT(Spirometry),
  • NCV,
  • EMG,
  • TMT,
  • Echo Cardiography,
  • Stress Echo and complete laboratory services with home collection.

Our Team

Dr. Ankush Dhanadia


> 9 years experience

Dr. Sonia Dhanadia


> 9 years experience

Dr. A. Aggarwal


> 20 years experience

Dr. Baljeet Kaur


> 15 years experience

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