BERA (Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry) test is a hearing examination performed on kids of one to three years. If you are searching for an affordable BERA test near me, Anand Imaging Centre is your best option.

We offer comprehensive hearing diagnostic solutions to our revered patients. BERA test is an integral part of the otoneurologic diagnosis. It aids with the determination of a child’s ability to hear. BERA test can help ascertain the types of abnormalities, hearing loss and hearing threshold.

BERA test at our clinic is suitable for those infants who are at a higher risk of hearing loss. BERA test is also an excellent alternative to conventional audiometry tests. BERA test at Anand Imaging Centre is a must for infants who fail in OEA (Auto-Acoustic Emission) test. To know more about the BERA test, arrange an appointment with us.

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Why should your Child Undergo BERA Test in Gurgaon at Anand Imaging Centre?

Hearing issues in children are tough to know from the beginning. Hearing loss is responsible for causing cognitive, speech, emotional and social problems. When the auditory nerve can transmit sound impulses from the ear to the brain, we can hear adequately.

The BERA test offers detailed information on whether the auditory nerve transmits sound impulses to the brain. It also unearths whether the speed of the impulses is within proper limits. Expert and experienced technicians at Anand Imaging Centre perform the BERA test.

BERA test at our clinic can recognise the type of severity and abnormality of hearing loss in your child. You can consult us to know more about the BERA test price in Gurgaon. Apart from identifying the hearing threshold, the BERA test is also suitable for otoneurologic diagnosis. If you have asymmetrical or unilateral hearing loss, the BERA test is ideal.

The Ideal Candidates for BERA Test

The BERA test analyses the electrical signals conveyed to the brain. BERA test is suitable in the following cases.

  • It can recognise the exact area of the hearing problem
  • Suitable for kids who don’t respond to conventional audiometry
  • Determines asymmetrical hearing loss
  • If hearing loss runs in the family, your child may have to undergo the BERA test at Anand Imaging Centre
  • Diagnosing suspected demyelinated disorders

The Procedure for BERA Test near me

At Anand Imaging Centre, our skilled and experienced technicians will oversee the BERA test procedure.

  • Patients need to lie on a reclining chair and stay still during the test. Infants usually undergo this test when they are sleeping.
  • Our technicians will then place electrodes on the scalp of the patient and behind the ear.
  • It can examine the electrical signals transmitted to the brainstem.
  • We will use specialised headphone to convey clicking sounds into the ear drum.
  • The primary purpose of the electrodes is to record the responses to the clicks.

If there is an impairment in the signals transmitted, you are likely suffering from hearing issues. Contact Anand Imaging Centre to know the BERA test price in Gurgaon.

Preparing for the BERA Test- What should you know?

Before undergoing a BERA test at our diagnostic centre, you should adhere to the below-mentioned instructions.

  • Refrain from using hair oil on the scalp before the BERA scan
  • Wash your hair correctly with shampoo the night before the scan
  • Patients may have to fast for two hours 

The Criteria for Screening Infants using BERA

  • Infants born with low birth weight
  • Head injury
  • Exposure to ototoxic drugs
  • Persistent otitis media

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