Are you suffering from pain, swelling and discomfort caused by fistula? Visit Anand Imaging Centre for a professional and reliable fistulogram test in Gurgaon. We use the latest technology to perform this non-invasive procedure and identify the presence of any abnormal connection between two organs, internal structures or vessels.

Fistula, if left untreated, may result in serious health complications. It may cause bacterial infection or sepsis, eventually damaging the organ or even death. Let us ensure you improved health and wellbeing with high-quality and safe diagnostic imaging procedures such as fistulogram.

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What is a Fistulogram?

A fistulogram is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses an x-ray, also known as fluoroscopy, and a contrast dye to generate high-quality and precise images of the fistula. The x-ray method helps examine the flow of blood and other anomalies in the fistula or dialysis access, i.e., the graft. When done precisely, a fistulogram can also identify if the fistula is blocked, its shape and size or any associated infection.

Being the most trusted choice for fistulogram test near me, we use advanced technology to provide x-ray imaging for anal, rectovaginal, anovaginal or other types of fistulas. Taking this diagnostic procedure is important because in most cases, fistulas do not go away on their own and require surgery.

A fistulogram can help examine the condition of your fistula and guide the treatment plan.

Common Uses of a Fistulogram

If your doctor has suggested getting a fistulogram test done, there may be several reasons for it.

  • To detect the presence of perianal fistulae which is an abnormal mass connecting the anus skin and bowel end
  • To diagnose and examine different types and conditions of a fistula – both end opening (complete), one end opening (blind) and incomplete (an opening of the external skin)
  • To evaluate the collection of abscess post drainage and to monitor if there is a connection between the abscess collection and surrounding structures
  • To assess an obstetric fistula. It is primarily caused when blood supply to the bladder, rectum or vagina is restricted due to delayed or prolonged delivery in pregnancy
  • To monitor the progress of Crohn’s disease by using a contrast-based fistulogram

So, if you are experiencing swelling and redness around the anus, skin irritation, blood or pus in stools, fever or frequent bowel movements, then it is appropriate to take a fistulogram test in Gurgaon. The procedure is also ideal to plan for a fistula surgery or evaluate the symptoms of rectovaginal or anovaginal fistulas.

Why Choose Us for Fistulogram Test in Gurgaon?

Not all diagnostic centres in Gurgaon have the technology and expertise to perform a fistulogram. This is where Anand Imaging Centre stand ahead, offering high-quality and accurate fistulogram test using advanced x-ray technology. This is what differentiates us from others:

  • We use a cutting-edge x-ray fistulogram machine that produces detailed images while ensuring low radiation exposure
  • Over 37 years of experience in medical diagnostic imaging
  • Dedicated patient care to make you feel comfortable and safe
  • More detailed and accurate images for prompt & precise reporting
  • Quick and hassle-free online booking with reduced waiting times

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How to prepare for a fistulogram?

A fistulogram test typically does not require any special preparation. However, the procedure may include using an iodine contrast material. So, if you are allergic to anything, tell your doctor. Also, tell him about the medications you take or about your medical conditions and recent illnesses.

If you are pregnant, tell it your doctor or our technologist. In many cases, pregnant women are not suggested to take the test because the procedure involves radiation.


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