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Anand Imaging Centre is proud to provide world-class mammography test in Gurgaon with prompt and accurate reporting. We use an advanced digital mammography system that improves the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of the test results.

We believe that early diagnosis of breast cancer can increase the survival rate among patients. Therefore, we ensure the mammography test results are highly precise, supporting accurate diagnosis and guiding the treatment path. It is a simple, safe and non-invasive procedure that does not require special preparation.

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What is a Mammography?

Mammography is an x-ray procedure that produces detailed images of your breasts, used either for diagnostic purposes or screening of breast cancer. During the procedure, the breast tissues are spread out by compressing the breasts between two surfaces. The x-ray scanner then captures high-quality black-and-white pictures of the tissues which are displayed on a computer device. Our experienced consultant radiologist will examine the images to detect signs of cancer.

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Purpose of Mammography

Mammography is used to produce highly accurate and detailed x-ray images of your breasts which helps detect abnormal changes in breast tissues and cancers. The key purposes of mammograms are:

  • Screening: A screening mammography helps diagnose changes in your breast which are primarily associated with cancer, even in patients having no signs or symptoms. It aids in the early detection of cancer, helping guide the treatment plan and reduce the mortality rate in patients. There is an ongoing debate between medical organisations and experts as to when is the right time to take a mammography test and how frequently you should have it. Your healthcare provider can best guide you about the benefits of screening, whether you are at risk, your preferences, etc. They can best tell you if you should get a mammogram done.
  • Diagnosis: Unlike screening mammography, a diagnostic mammogram is used when you already have signs and symptoms of sudden breast changes. These may include breast pain, thickening of the nipples, lump in the breast, nipple discharge or unfamiliar skin appearance. The procedure involves capturing additional images that can be used to further evaluate the findings of screening mammography.

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How is a Mammography Done?

During the procedure, you will need to undress up to the waist and change into a hospital gown. Remove all metal objects you are wearing, including body piercings, hearing aids, removable metal braces, etc. You will then require to either stand or sit in front of the mammography screening machine.

Our highly trained mammography technician will then fit an x-ray plate on the breast to be scanned. The x-ray machine comes with a compressor that presses down on the breast for the tissues to flatten. This allows for capturing more detailed and clearer images of the breasts. During the x-ray, you may also need to hold your breath.

When the compressor presses against your breasts, it may cause pain and discomfort but it will last only for a few moments. Our radiologist will evaluate the images and report within 24-48 hours. Prompt reporting aids in the early detection of abnormal changes in the breast or cancer.

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How to Prepare for a Mammography?

While mammography does not require any special preparation, there are certain things you need to keep in mind:

  • If you are pregnant, talk to the doctor about the same before having a mammography
  • Do not take the test if your breasts appear to be tender. This may happen during the menstrual cycle
  • Avoid using body powders, deodorant, creams, perfumes and body lotions around the breast and armpits
  • If you take regular medications, inform it to the doctor. In most cases, you can continue your medications normally
  • If you feel pain or discomfort before the mammography test, the doctor may advise you to take a painkiller


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