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In India, oral health problems are significant. Dental diseases primarily arise due to several factors such as poor oral hygiene, sugar-based diet, tobacco use, lack of awareness, etc. Routine dental care and regular appointments with the dentist are effective solutions for several oral health issues. At Anand Imaging Centre, we provide best-in-class OPG scan near me in Gurgaon, ensuring improved dental health, diagnosis and treatment.

Test Name Test Price
OPG ₹ 700 View Detail
CBCT TMJ BOTH SIDES ₹ 700 View Detail
BOTH TMJ (OPEN & CLOSE) ₹ 1400 View Detail
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What is an OPG Scan?

An orthopantomogram (OPG) is a special type of dental x-ray procedure that provides a panoramic, wide-angle view of your mouth’s lower and upper jaw. It renders 2D flattened images encompassing one ear to the other. During the scan, the x-ray machine captures highly accurate images from different angles, compiling them to offer a panoramic view of the maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw).

Take a dental x-ray near me to evaluate the number, growth and position of all the teeth in your mouth – including those that haven’t erupted yet. Anand Imaging Centre is one of the pioneers in OPG scan in Gurgaon, using the latest x-ray technology that can capture highly accurate images in a fraction of a second.

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Why You Should Get an OPG Scan Done?

Your dentist may suggest you get an OPG scan for various purposes, including:

  • Assess the damaged teeth
  • Evaluate the number, dimensions, pattern, etc. of surfaced as well as non-surfaced teeth, especially in children
  • Identify fractures to the teeth or dental bones
  • Detect potential causes of pain, inflammation or discomfort in the teeth, jawbone or gums
  • Evaluate the position of dental implants
  • Assess the structure of the entire jaw, temporomandibular joint or the jawbone
  • Plan for an orthodontic treatment

In most cases, taking an OPG test near me at Anand Imaging Centre can help monitor and detect a wide range of dental problems such as cavities, jaw dislocation, infection, sinuses, teeth impaction, fractures or tumours. The dental imaging procedure is performed with utmost efficiency and accuracy at our centre, providing a holistic view of your oral health.

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Benefits of an OPG Test at Anand Imaging Centre

When you book a dental scan near me with Anand Imaging Centre, you get the following benefits:

  • We use high-tech digital dental x-ray machines that provide a more accurate and wide-angle view of your mouth’s lower and upper jaws
  • OPG scan is a non-invasive, painless and quick dental x-ray procedure
  • A panoramic coverage of the teeth and facial bones aids in better diagnosis
  • The use of advanced digital x-ray machines ensures minimum radiation exposure
  • The entire x-ray process gets completed within a fraction of second
  • The scan is suitable even for patients who have difficulty moving their jaw or opening the mouth

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How is an OPG Scan Performed?

The procedure is fast and safe, ensuring high levels of patient comfort. During the process, you will need to stand still in front of the x-ray machine and the face will rest on a small shelf. To keep the head steady, you need to gently bite on a sterile mouthpiece. The x-ray device will then send low doses of x-rays into the mouth.

As the teeth, tissues and bones inside your mouth absorb the radiation, the device will capture the images in a wide-angle view. The radiation that cannot be absorbed is shown as a black portion of the mouth in the x-ray film.

As a leading diagnostic centre in Gurgaon, we ensure high levels of comfort and safety when you choose us for a dental x-ray near me.


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