If you want to undergo RGU Test in Gurugram, don’t look beyond Anand Imaging Centre. RGU, also known as Retrograde Urethrogram, is a diagnostic test. The primary purpose of this test is to scan the urethra for any structural anomalies.

The urethra is the narrow tube that plays an integral role in urine excretion. At Anand Imaging Centre, we always believe that early check-ups are better than delayed ones. Therefore, we ensure that our RGU tests are safe and accurate to help your doctor with proper treatment.

We have highly professional and skilled technicians who carry out the RGU test. You can know more about our RGU test by contacting us at your earliest.

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Get the Best RGU MCU Test Price at our Clinic

Both RGU and MCU are essential diagnostic tests in urology. An MCU test, also known as Micturating Cystourethrogram, is a critical urological test. Anand Imaging Centre specialises in executing both these tests with perfection.

In an MCU test, our technician will fill your bladder with medicine. You will have to pass urine in front of X-Rays. Note that an MCU test at our diagnostic test is painless and doesn’t involve any type of downtime. RGU and MCU are radiological tests to outline urethral narrowing.

These tests are also suitable to outline the bladder shape anomalies by injecting a dye through the urethra. You can contact us to book an appointment for the RGU MCU test.

Significance of the RGU Test

At Anand Imaging Centre, we always adopt a transparent approach while dealing with patients. RGU is a diagnostic test that scans your urethra for any structural abnormalities. Usually, men undergo the RGU test to determine the reason for urethral narrowing.

RGU test at our centre also identifies issues with the enlargement of the prostrate. The Prostrate is a reproductive organ that surrounds the urethra in males. The benign enlargement of the prostrate is one of the most common causes of urethra narrowing in men. Consult with us to learn about the RGU test in Gurgaon price.

Who are not the Ideal Candidates for an RGU Test?

You are not an ideal candidate for the RGU test if you have:

  • Chronic UI tract infection
  • Any surgical procedures performed in the urethra

Learn about RGU MCU Test Price at Anand Imaging Centre

We will provide you with complete details associated with the RGU and MCU test prices. The indications of the RGU test are as follows:

  • Urethral trauma
  • Stricture
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • False passages

The Purpose of an RGU Test near me

The primary reason for undergoing the RGU test at our centre is to ascertain the reasons behind poor urine flow. However, here are some other purposes of an RGU test.

  • Prostrate surgery
  • Trauma from the placement of the catheter
  • Severe infections

At Anand Imaging Centre, we also conduct this test if there is a severe injury to the urethra. Here are some symptoms that depict the narrowing of the urethra.

  • Dark urine
  • Swelling in sex organs
  • Urethral leakage
  • UTI in men
  • Blood in the semen
  • Bladder incontinence

The Procedure for RGU Test near me

At Anand Imaging Centre, we follow a detailed process for conducting the RGU test.

  • Our radiology technologist will position you on the X-Ray table
  • We will take a few X-Ray scans before injecting the contrast
  • We will place a sterile drape over your lower portion
  • Our technologist will disinfect your penis’s tip
  • We will place a catheter in your urethra
  • We will inject the contrast dye through the catheter in your urethra
  • Our technician will use an X-Ray camera to capture the urethra’s images

Note that this procedure lasts only five minutes. Reach out to us to know about the RGU test in Gurgaon price.



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