16 Slice Low Radiation CT scan

Are you looking for high-quality and reliable CT scan services in Gurgaon? Anand Imaging Centre is the most trusted choice for CT scan near me, combining technology with experience to ensure a fast and accurate diagnosis of various health conditions. We use the most advanced CT scanner while our radiologists have vast experience performing the imaging procedure with utmost care and precision.

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Test Name Test Price
VISIPAQUE ₹ 3500 View Detail
VISI-320 ₹ 1500 View Detail
UROGRAPHY ₹ 10000 View Detail
UPPER ABDOMEN PLAIN ₹ 3500 View Detail
THORACIC ANGIO ₹ 10000 View Detail
RENAL ANGIO ₹ 10000 View Detail
RECTAL CONTRAST ₹ 3500 View Detail
PNS (AXIAL) PLAIN ₹ 3500 View Detail
PELVIS ₹ 3500 View Detail
ORBIT ₹ 3500 View Detail
NECK WITH CONTRAST ₹ 4500 View Detail

What is CT Scan?

A CT scan, or computed tomography, is an advanced diagnostic imaging procedure that uses low-dose radiation to produce detailed and accurate images of the body’s internal structures and organs. We use a state-of-the-art CT scanner that generates high-quality cross-sectional images of bony structures, blood vessels and internal organs.

Taking a CT scan near me can be more effective in producing more detailed images and diagnosing complex health conditions than a plain x-ray can do. The procedure can be used to examine most parts of the body, including soft tissues and blood vessels, and helps detect a disease or injury. Your doctor may also suggest a CT scan before planning radiation, medical or surgical treatment.

Why is a CT Scan Done?

There are several reasons why your doctor may recommend getting a CT scan in Gurgaon near me:

  • Detect bone or muscle disorders, including fractures or bone tumours
  • Diagnose internal bleeding or internal injuries
  • Identify the location of a blood clot, infection or tumour
  • Diagnose and regularly monitor health conditions and diseases such as liver masses, lung nodules, heart disease or cancer
  • Guide various types of procedures like radiation therapy, biopsy or surgery
  • Scrutinise how certain treatments are progressing, like cancer treatment

Types of CT Scan Procedures We Specialise In

If you are looking for a leading CT scan centre near me in Gurgaon, then your search ends with Anand Imaging Centre. We specialise in most types of CT scan procedures, including: 

  • CT scan of the chest
  • Abdominal CT scans
  • Arthrogram CT scan for the joints, shoulders, wrist, knee, elbow, hip, etc.
  • CT scan of neck and spine
  • CT scan of the pelvis
  • CT scan of bones
  • CT angiography
  • CT scan of sinus
  • CT scan of renal stones
  • CT scan of lungs
  • CT scan of head/brain

If the above list does not include the type of CT scan you are looking for, then you can get in touch with us. We can advise you on which procedure is right for you.

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What is the Procedure of a CT Scan? 

Anand Imaging Centre uses the most sophisticated and advanced CT scan machines that produce images with excellent clarity and resolution for accurate diagnosis. Our team has the training and expertise to handle the procedure while maintaining high safety protocols. Our CT scan is powered by an effective combination of hi-tech computers and x-rays that generate high-definition images.

During the scan, you are required to lie on a table. If you are undergoing a CT scan with contrast, our technician will intravenously inject a contrast dye into your vein. This may cause a metallic taste in the mouth or you may feel flushed. As the scan starts, the table will slowly glide inside the doughnut-shaped CT scanner.

At this time, the x-ray tube and detectors will rotate around the part of the body being scanned, capturing multiple pictures of thin slices. During the scan, you are required to stay still; otherwise, the images may get blurred. When the scan is done, the table will move out of the scan machine.

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  • Advanced and safe imaging diagnostics using hi-tech and the latest CT scan machines
  • Highly experienced and trained radiologists
  • Multi-slice CT scans that produce high-quality and accurate images
  • Cutting-edge multi-slice imaging technology ensures a low dosage of x-ray

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