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A Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) test is a quick, simple and inexpensive procedure that is used to sample and examine extraneous masses and lumps found in the breasts, neck, etc. If you are looking for a high-quality and reliable FNAC test near me, look no further than Anand Imaging Centre. We use the most advanced technique and maintain high levels of safety when performing the procedure, ensuring accurate results and minimal discomfort.

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What is an FNAC Test?

FNAC, or Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology, is a diagnostic procedure that is primarily used to investigate if a mass or lump on the skin is benign or cancerous. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that is used to examine extraneous lumps or masses in the head, neck, thyroid glands, salivary glands or other organs of the body.

It is a type of biopsy test that can locate lumps within the head and neck region – including thyroid gland lesions and lymph nodes. The technique is a simple and quick way of sampling the lumps and masses, primarily to diagnose the presence of various inflammatory conditions as well as cancer.

It is a faster, more effective and safer procedure, unlike open surgical biopsy. Hence, there are no known potential complications or side effects of the procedure. At Anand Imaging Centre, we specialise in two types of FNAC tests – (a) CT guided and (b) Ultrasound-guided.

If the lump or mass is visible clearly from the outside, the test can be performed without any specific guidance. But if the lump is embedded deeply within the skin or in the body, the surgeon may require computerised tomography (CT) or ultrasound guidance.

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Why is an FNAC Test Performed?

Your doctor may recommend a Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology test to assess the nature and severity of superficial lumps or masses in the body – both impalpable (which cannot be easily felt upon touching) and palpable (which can be felt upon touching). Here are some of the few instances when your doctor may suggest getting an FNAC test:

  • When an abnormal lump or mass is felt during routine medical examinations or other diagnostic procedures
  • For different types of testing such as body fluid sampling, chorionic villus sampling, breast cysts, breast abscesses or seroma
  • Detect swellings for breast cancer, tuberculosis, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, granulomatous lymphadenitis, Toxoplasmosis, lymphoma, etc.
  • Monitor how a patient is undergoing cytological changes
  • Examine the lymph nodes, breasts, lungs, kidneys, liver, retroperitoneum, pancreas, prostate gland, and salivary glands for the presence of abnormal masses or lumps

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How is an FNAC Test Performed?

After manually evaluating the lump for its location or size, the doctor will sanitise the area of the skin where the biopsy test needs to be performed. If the mass is palpable, the doctor will firmly hold it between the fingers and gently insert a needle to withdraw the sample. Typically, the doctor may collect 2-3 samples for accurate diagnosis.

If the lump is impalpable, an ultrasound or CT will be done to identify the correct location where the needle needs to be inserted.

At Anand Imaging, the entire procedure will take approximately 20-40 seconds to complete. The results will be available in 3-4 days. We also assure affordable biopsy test price in Gurgaon.

We specialise in performing 2 types of FNAC or biopsy tests:

Test Type 1: CT-Guided FNAC and Biopsy Test

A CT-guided FNAC and biopsy test is considered an accurate, safe and rapid diagnostic procedure that helps examine mass lesions in the thorax. An FNAC test for neck, mediastinal nodes or small thoracic masses can be effectively performed using computerised tomography. This is because the placement of the needle can be correctly done using a CT procedure, avoiding damaging the surrounding cardiac structures and blood vessels.

Experts suggest that a CT-guided FNAC can render a more specific and quick diagnosis of small thoracic masses as well as malignancy of the lungs. For the latter, a cytopathological evaluation of the sample obtained from a CT-guided FNAC or biopsy test can help doctors recommend the right anticancer measures such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

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Why is a CT-Guided FNAC or Biopsy Test Done?

A CT-guided FNAC test is most appropriate:

  • To examine if a mass or lump in the thoracic or adjacent region is benign (localised) or malignant (spreading cancer)
  • To sample mass lesions that are located deeply in organs and cannot be accessed using invasive biopsy surgical procedures
  • Take a CT-guided biopsy test near me to diagnose cancer conditions in regions like the prostate, breast, rectum or colon, blood, lymph node, lungs, etc.
  • To monitor the progress or chances of cancer recurrence following a treatment procedure

A CT-guided FNAC test is more accurate and safer than standard FNAC procedures, aiding in faster sampling & testing. At Anand Imaging Centre, we use modern technology and offer the most affordable CT-guided FNAC test price.

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Test Type 2: USG (Ultrasound) Guided FNAC and Biopsy Test

At Anand Imaging Centre, we also specialise in USG-guided biopsy test in Gurgaon, wherein we use cutting-edge ultrasound technology to perform FNAC or needle biopsies. During the procedure, our consultant radiologist will use an advanced ultrasound machine to precisely locate and guide the needle to the right area of the body. The needle then collects a tissue sample from the mass lesion and is removed carefully from the body.

Using ultrasound ensures the mass lesion can be accurately located and the needle is directed appropriately so that it does not damage the surrounding tissues and organs. The procedure is most suitable for performing biopsies of the breasts, lymph nodes, chest wall, thyroid or liver.

When you choose us for an USG-guided FNAC test near me, there are several advantages you get. Let’s understand here.

Benefits of an USG-Guided FNAC and Biopsy Test

  • We use the most advanced ultrasound technology to guide the FNAC and needle biopsy sampling procedure with the utmost precision
  • It is a simple and safe procedure that increases accuracy levels and helps doctors precisely locate a mass lesion beneath the skin or in an organ
  • It is used to safely remove a small sample of the tissue from the mass lesion in a quick and efficient manner
  • Helps examine if the tumour is benign or cancerous
  • No known side effects of the procedure

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