An EMG test, also known as electromyography, is a diagnostic procedure that helps measure the electrical activity of the nerves and muscles. It is used to diagnose the underlying cause of a neurological or musculoskeletal disorder which includes common signs such as weakness in the limbs, tingling or numbness.

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What is an Electromyography Test?

Electromyography (EMG) is a diagnostic test that measures and monitors how your muscle cells respond to nerve stimulation. It is an effective procedure to diagnose various kinds of neuromuscular abnormalities. Your healthcare provider may recommend this test to assess the functioning and health of your muscles and nerves.

The test is performed by using a special device known as an electromyograph and the results produced are called an electromyogram. It helps record the electrical activity that your muscle cells generate when they are neurologically or electrically stimulated.

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Why is an EMG Test Done?

There are several reasons why your doctor may recommend getting an EMG test done. If you show the following signs of a nerve or muscle disorder, it is better to get electromyography done:

  • Pain in the muscles and cramping 
  • Tingling and a sensation of numbness 
  • Muscle weakness 
  • Pain in limbs

Typically, an EMG test can help detect a wide range of disorders such as:

  • Peripheral nerve disorder, such as carpal tunnel syndrome which causes tingling and numbness in the hand
  • Herniated disk in the spine that affects the roots of the nerves 
  • Muscular disorders, such as polymyositis or muscular dystrophy which causes inflammation of the muscles 
  • Myasthenia gravis which causes neuromuscular contraction 
  • Lou Gehring’s disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

What Happens During an EMG Test?

At Anand Imaging Centre, our objective is to provide a comprehensive and precise diagnosis for a broad range of muscular and neurological disorders. Therefore, the test is performed in two parts: (a) Nerve Conduction Studies and (b) Needle Electrode Examination.

During the Nerve Conduction Study, our technologist will place small discs on your skin that helps record how your nerves function. The skin is then mildly stimulated electrically which helps test how efficiently the nerves carry the electrical impulse to the discs. In case of neurological abnormalities, the electrical stimulus will not pass through the nerves. This indicates damaged nerves.

In the second part of the electromyography test, our consultant neurologist will place a tiny needle into the muscles directly to test the health and functioning of the muscles. During this procedure, the electrical impulse travels through the needle which is attached to a computer. This enables the neurologist to evaluate your muscle functioning both under stimulation and when resting.

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What to Expect from the Results of an EMG Test?

After the test is done, our experienced consultant neurologists will review and interpret the test results. Typically, the test result is considered normal if the muscle tissues are identified to be electrically inactive in the resting phase. On the other hand, abnormal electrical activity in the EMG test indicates the presence of certain disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated disc or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.


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