Penile Doppler

Penile doppler in Gurgaon at Anand Imaging Centre predicts the response of erectile dysfunction in men. The primary reason behind erectile dysfunction is the imbalance of the penile arterial blood flow. Penile ultrasound and doppler test can identify the imbalance in arterial and venous blood flow.

Penile doppler tests at Anand Imaging Centre can also recognise lumps, fibrosis and even cancer. In most cases, erectile dysfunction in men is treatable. Vascular issues are the root cause behind the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

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The penile doppler test is an outpatient procedure at Anand Imaging Centre. Our penile doppler test in Gurgaon can also determine the outflow or inflow type of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction has many reasons. Some patients suffering from erectile dysfunction respond well to vasodilator drugs.

However, high blood pressure and plaque can also cause erectile dysfunction. To know more about erectile dysfunction, consult with us at the earliest.

We offer the Best Penile Doppler Test Price

You can consult with Anand Imaging Centre to learn more about the penile doppler price. During the procedure, we will inject papaverine into the penis. This medicine induces erection in your penis. It causes dilation of the penile arteries and boosts the flow of blood.

Our technician will then analyse the degree of erection and use the ultrasound to determine whether your arteries are healthy. We will also analyse the quality of blood flowing into your penis through arteries. The Penile Doppler test at our centre also recognises the degree of venous outflow from the penis.

It also describes the function of your erectile nerves. In case the erection lasts beyond the test’s completion, we may inject a small amount of adrenalin. Learn more about our penile doppler test by contacting us.

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If you are suffering from an inflow type of erectile dysfunction, vasodilator medicines may be ineffective. If you’re suffering from a severe type of outflow erectile dysfunction, we may recommend you undergo a penile doppler test. In addition, you can consult with your urologist to know more about outflow erectile dysfunction.

Things to expect during the Penile Doppler Test Near Me

During the penile doppler ultrasound, you will be lying on your back. We will inject a medicine that will dilate your penile arteries. This will cause increased inflow by vasoligating the arteries. Our technicians will also perform the ultrasound of the cavernosal arteries located on both sides of the penis.

We will lubricate a probe and place it on your penis to conduct the test. The penile doppler test at our diagnostic centre is painless and non-invasive. However, it is normal for you to experience mild discomfort when we inject the medicine.

After the test, you might feel dizzy for a while. Note that this feeling is completely normal, and we may keep you under observation for thirty minutes.

If your erection lasts longer than the test, we will give you another injection. It will control the erection and make your penis flaccid. Search with penile doppler test near me to find our centre.

Is it Safe to Undergo Penile Doppler Test at Anand Imaging Centre?

  • The penile doppler test is safe, and you won’t face any major complications related to erection and urination.
  • There is no risk of bleeding or infection.
  • The procedure is fast and doesn’t involve any downtime.

Reasons to select us for the Penile Doppler Test in Gurgaon

You can search with penile doppler ultrasound near me to discover our clinic. Anand Imaging Centre is one of the few diagnostic centres where we conduct this test by coordinating with urologists. At times, after this test, the patient may suffer from prolonged erection. We collaborate with reputed urologists to ensure the proper care of patients. We always keep patients at our centre till their erection subsides. To find us, search with penile doppler ultrasound near me.



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