Anand Imaging Centre is a leading diagnostic centre in Gurgaon, specialising in a wide range of innovative and non-invasive procedures for enhanced optic health. However, our expertise in Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) test is unparalleled, helping diagnose potential problems that may affect your vision. For the best-in-class VEP test near me in Gurgaon, book an appointment with us today.

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What is a Visual Evoked Potential Test?

A visual evoked potential test, also known as the VEP test, is a non-invasive, safe, and painless neurophysiological diagnostic procedure that helps detect various optic nerve problems. The test is used to identify potential damages or anomalies in the optical path, starting from the eyes to the occipital lobe of the brain.

Any abnormality in the optical path may cause visual problems and therefore, it is important to get a VEP test done if your doctor suspects changes in visual functions. A VEP test is also known as Visual Evoked Response (VER) test.

Why is a VEP Test Done?

Your doctor may recommend getting a VER/VEP test if you are experiencing eyesight problems. This may be due to some problem or abnormality along the pathway of certain nerves. It is ideal to get the test done if you experience the below-mentioned symptoms:

  • Blurred or duplicate vision 
  • Loss of eyesight which may be painless or painful 
  • A feeling of having flashing lights in front of the eyes 
  • Weakness in legs, eyes, or arms 
  • Unexpected changes in your colour vision

If you are having any of the above problems, call us for a VEP test in Gurgaon.

How is a Visual Evoked Potential Test Performed?

At Anand Imaging Centre, we give utmost attention to details to ensure accurate and more efficient testing.

  • Our experienced technologist will measure the size of your head and mark the areas where the electrodes need to be attached
  • He will then use an exfoliating cream to rub the marked areas and then attach four electrodes with the help of a conductive cream
  • The technologist will turn off the lights and you will need to focus your eyes on a tiny dot in the middle of a black & white checkerboard. The screen will move back and forth while the electrodes will record your eyesight
  • The same procedure is followed for the other eye as well
  • Once both eyes are tested, the procedure is complete

If you have any questions regarding how a VEP test is performed, get in touch with us.

How to Prepare for a VEP Test?

A VEP test is a simple procedure and does not require any special preparation. However, here are something you need to follow for accurate test results:

  • Wear your eyeglasses and contact lenses during the test as you would usually do
  • Keep the face and hair dry & clean at least 24 hours before the test
  • Avoid using any type of hair oil, hair spray, lotion or makeup on the day of the VEP test
  • If you take any regular medication, inform the same to your doctor or the technologist


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